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The Payroll division provides distinct payroll services for the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis campus. Please direct any payroll questions to:


Here is the IRS link to the new 2016 tax tables:

Employees are responsible for monitoring the amount of income tax being withheld from their paychecks. If an employee determines that more federal tax withholding is necessary, please complete an electronic Form W-4 through the Employee Self-Service section of OneStart.

Online W-2 can be accessed in Onestart!

W-2s for 2016 will be delivered electronically through the Employee Center. Visit the Tax Information section of the Employee Center to consent or retrieve your W-2 here:  Online  W-2 

Tax Updates:

We've created a new web page so customers can monitor the status of the tax forms they are expecting to receive on their own without having to email or call an IU office to find why they haven't received it yet. The next time a customer asks the question, "when..." you can share this URL with them. We will provide this service each year so they can learn to expect the most current information at this location.

Overtime Policy

This policy applies to Staff and Hourly employees who are covered by federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime pay provisions, including Support, Service, and Professional Overtime Staff and all Hourly employees.

Link to UHRS website concerning Policy Changes:

Effective May 16th, 2010, the Overtime policy will be modified and the calculation of overtime will be based on "hours worked" instead of "hours in pay status." Except for the paid time-off categories below, paid time off, such as vacation, PTO, sick time, Income Protection, and compensatory time off, does not count as part of the 40 hours in a week to determine if overtime pay is applicable and the amount of overtime pay that is due.

The following five categories of paid-time-off do count as part of the 40 hours in a week to determine if overtime pay is applicable and the amount of overtime pay that is due.

1. Adverse Weather (WTH)
2. Adverse Working Conditions (ADW)
3. Emergency Rest Time (ERT)
4. Holiday (HOL) and Holiday Taken (HTK)
5. Injury with pay (INJ)

The TIME system has been modified to assign hours to the appropriate categories based on hours worked. Two new earn codes have been established to compensate employees for the hours that do not qualify as overtime.

1. NEP: Non-Overtime Eligible Pay (hours x regular pay rate)
2. NEC: NO PAY - Non-Overtime Eligible Comp Hrs (regular hours added to Comp bank)